Different Ingredients

Sometimes things just




Conversations lead to arguments leading to realizations. People grow up differently and thus have different beliefs, even if their values are the same. This is absolutely okay, however. People are ingredients in the recipe of life. Some them just don’t mix together. You know, I’m not sad that we don’t make a fit, even though I wish we did. There’s someone out there for both of us, someone that will make life’s recipe a tad bit sweeter.

Until we find our complementary ingredient, though, we both need to find ourselves. Truth is, that I am lost. I’m trying to understand who I am every single day, surprising myself along the way. I’m realizing how strong and how stubborn I am. In this journey of life, I’m trying to fall in love with myself, trying to accept my weaknesses and my greatest powers. It will take a while, but I am ready to start discovering who this person is, that I am.

Maybe… Just maybe… I am the only ingredient I need.