On the Replaceability of People

“People are replaceable. You’ll find someone to replace me, and I’ll find someone to replace you”, someone told me once. Granted it might have been an emotional response in the midst of frustration, it was very thought-provoking to me. Suddenly, I found myself challenging notions long-embedded in my mind…

Can people really be discarded and replaced so easily? If this is the case, then why don’t we exchange partners every two seconds? And why do we even bother to fall in love and build our whole lives around our partners? Such questions clouded my mind and are responsible for my furrowed brow when my eyes drift into nothingness.

I will, therefore, attempt to give some answers or rather, some thoughts and opinions on the matter based solely on my own experience with life and people, during those mere 22 years that I’ve lived amongst them.

I believe that no one – and I really mean NO ONE – is replaceable. I’ve lost many people throughout the years to feel certain about this. My stance is so rigid because I’ve tried to “replace” or fill the space certain individuals held in my life and failed miserably, losing myself along the way.

You might argue that I simply didn’t try hard enough or that I just wasn’t lucky enough to bump into the right people.

Still, I disagree.

Logically speaking, it’s impossible for two human beings to be absolutely identical in regards to their personality. That is due to the fact that they are exposed to different types of experiences, which in turn, form different characteristics and behavioural patterns as a response to those events in their life. It’s critical to mention the time and place of their upbringing, which also play a major role into character development.

Therefore, the inevitable conclusion that I have arrived to time and time again, is that every person inhabiting this earth is unique. Indeed, people might bear similarities in personality but no one is truly identical to someone else.

The fact that most of us have the same biological functions, does not erase the individually exclusive qualities each of us possesses. Our experiences, our memories, our actions and reactions, are precisely what gives us those qualities, thereby making us “sui generis”; each in a class of our own; unique.

From this, it can be argued that no one can be really and totally replaceable.

People are not just bodies you can plainly exchange with one another; they are as complex and distinct from each other as fragrant jasmine flowers existing in the same emerald bush. No matter how similar they might seem, no one flower can really replace the other, because they all differ in one way or another.

If you treat people as mere replaceable walking and talking flesh and bones, you lose the essence of their existence, thus not being able to sustain a meaningful relationship with them for longer than two seconds.

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