It’s unfortunate to be in the position to admit that it’s so hard having friendships in this time and age. I must admit that I might not be, age-wise, the most reliable person to say this, since I’m only 19 years old. However, I’ve had my fair share of people waltzing in and out of my life so, everything I’ll be talking about is from observing relationships that have surrounded me.

Let me lay out the scene for you:

You meet someone, a potential friend, in your work, university or school environment. You talk to them and you immediately connect! You have very similar interests and the conversations you have with them seem incredible. Not only that, but they also appear to be witty and have a good sense of humor – which is always a case for brownie points, if you ask me. Fast forward and you end up hanging out a lot with them and you consider them a ‘friend’.

Wow. What a big word that one – ‘friend’.

Now, let’s say that something not-so-great happens to you and you need a friend’s shoulder to cry on and make you feel better. You immediately think of THAT friend. You know, the one you’ve been hanging out with a lot and actually enjoy their company? Yeah, that one. So, you text them, opening up about what you’ve been going through, asking for their help. They see the message but… they are not available right now. They have things going on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s more than fine to have a life and be busy and have a dozen boyfriends or girlfriends and what-not. However, it seems that this particular friend has only been there for you when you were in need of a party-buddy and not when you needed someone you could rely on.

This is an example of the modern term ‘friendship’. People who are actually looking for a ‘friend’, are at a loss. Almost everyone they’ve met is initially nice to them and then she or he develops inconsistencies in her or his niceness.

‘Friend’ is a fluid term, nowadays. It means that a ‘friend’ is someone whose behavior is unstable towards you. A ‘friend’ is now there for you only when she or he wants to; a ‘friend’ is someone who likes you only when you give something to them but gives you nothing in return, not even something as basic as support; a ‘friend’ is now a person who is completely unreliable.

If you ask me, it’s an abuse of the real term.

It’s insane that people think that they have the right to violate the details and actions concerning a real friendship.

In 2017, friendships have become as dispensable as condoms. This is just sad.

I find myself being constantly disappointed in the human race for a variety of reasons but this… This is just infuriating. We should be able to have long consistent friendships with people by just extending our thoughts and actions to someone other than ourselves.

We are selfish beings by nature but sometimes, just once in a while, let’s just be more consistent with our social relationships and our behavior towards the people who we call our ‘friends’.




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