Closing One Door

Saying goodbye to the past takes a lot of courage. It’s like jumping in the ocean without wearing a life jacket, without holding onto the anchor of the past. It’s liberating to let go, move on.

Before I fall in the ocean, before I close this door, I have some things to throw away and some things to keep. I’m throwing away the fights, the pain, the tears, the doubts, the distance… I’m just left with the love and all those good moments filling my heart. The love has faded away, turned into stardust kissing the night sky. The moments, these tangible events of our lives, are still vibrant in my head. I’ll keep them in my pocket of my gray distressed jeans, next to my home keys. When I’m old and need some company, some warmth, I’ll laugh at how faded they will look, not believing that they were my life then…

Enough of the future; it’s not here yet.

I’ve closed this door, filled with items that are bruised from Time’s hand, with songs I’ll never listen to again and clothes I won’t be wearing. Months have passed and I haven’t opened it to take a peek. I don’t think I will be opening it anytime soon, to be honest.

I’ve been walking in Life’s corridors, not looking behind, only forward. Doors I never expected open along the way and I’m ready, I’ve been ready, to step in.

Right Foot First.

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