Why I Disappeared

I am a perfectionist. If something I’ve done, or written in this case, is not good enough, I can’t pull through with it.

The past months I’ve been scribbling down feelings and thoughts but everything I wrote down didn’t feel good enough for me to make it in here. There were times that I just opened my notebook and was extremely confused because I felt so much I wanted to express, but the right words wouldn’t come out. There were other times that I would write something and it was either too depressing or too confusing. I didn’t want to publish content that was too much to handle, even for myself.

So, I spent these months thinking about myself, life and my blog. I decided that this safe space of mine is going to be filled with my thoughts and feelings about life and its events in order to help you, my readers, cope with life, give you some hope and maybe inspire you to look at life from a different perspective.

I want to make a difference with this blog, so I decided to start posting weekly.

Expect to hear from me every Tuesday and Thursday starting this week (plus this bonus post :P).


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