The Scorpion Must Sting

A phrase that has stuck in my head since I saw one of those mainstream superhero movies, ‘Superwoman’…  Surprisingly enough, I really enjoyed it but that is not the point.

I realized that I am the Scorpion the Amazons were referring to when talking about themselves as powerful warriors. I am the Scorpion and I must sting. I must sting life back as hard as I can. Even though the Scorpion is a small insect, I am powerful enough to achieve everything I want including happiness; for, after all, the only thing I want from this life is to be happy.

The Scorpion doesn’t let anyone get in the way of its goals. Everything and anything trying to stop it from completing its ultimate quest gets stung.

I am this powerful Scorpion and I will sting anything trying to stop me from reaching happiness.

Strangely, feeling like a stunning deadly insect feels empowering. To be honest, hitting rock bottom for the second time was draining…. But the good thing about hitting rock bottom is that there’s only one way to go. I am now stronger than I have ever been. I am happy, I am strong and I am fierce… I am a Scorpion.

Try to cross me and I’ll be ruthless.

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