A Letter of a Forgotten Friendship

Dear old friend,

Oh my, where should I begin? I met you 13 years ago and even though some time had to go by for us to meet, you were always there for me and I was always there for you.

You are such a smart and bright person and I’ve always looked up to you. I’ve admired your crazy happy vibe and your contagious smile. Huh.. you always knew how to make me smile. It would usually go something like this: I’d be inexplicably sad about a dumb boy breaking my fragile heart and you’d always try to comfort me… but then, after a long pause, you’d always say something that would crack me up. (I know.. it’s a kind of totally cliche image but nevertheless, it was a reoccurring one.)

Time is a funny thing. It goes by and disappears under our noses. With time, people change as well. I changed so much and you changed too. Two people who thought that they had so much in common turned out to be more different than ever. That’s normal, however. Change is a part of life. The fact that we both changed so much, but changed on our own and did not ‘grow’ together, doesn’t mean that I don’t cherish our past friendship.

Thank you for being there, when I was too broken-hearted to be myself. Our vacation that very summer in your island made me realize how valuable you are to me. You did every single thing you could to cheer me up every time I threw a tantrum. You followed me around the island and put up with my crazy behaviors. Thank you for putting up with me and helping me find myself again.

I’ll never forget us running away, giggling, from that restaurant because we had just low-key told that guy that he was cute! It was one of the funniest moments of that trip, I must admit.  I remember how we couldn’t stop laughing… And remember that the second day we were there, I stayed in the sun for too long and I got a little bit burned and I had to cover my body in yogurt for it to go down?… Anyway… My point is that we shared so many incredible moments together and I have to thank you for them. I will always remember them with a smile on my face.

I’m sorry, though. I’m sorry that, because we changed, we grew apart. I never wanted to lose someone who has made such a major and positive impact on my life. I wish I could fix things… Maybe if I tried a little more, things could change…

These past months here made me think and appreciate your presence in my life even more. It has been really hard not being able to pick up the phone and dial your number and just talk and reminisce  for a while… I’ve missed you my friend, my second sister (as I used to call you).

You know, sometimes I wish I could turn back time, be back in high-school again; you and me sitting on a caffè, sipping on some good coffee, catching up, laughing… I wish we could do that sometime soon when I come back.

Seriously, thank you for being my ray of sunshine, the source of happiness itself. Also, before I end this letter, I want you to please never stop pursuing your dreams and doing what makes you happy no matter what. Your dreams should always come first in your life and I’ll always be here to help you achieve each one of them…

I’ve missed you, my friend,




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