To the Writers

Why. Why do I need to decide what I’m supposed to do for the rest of my life at the age of 17? Why do I need to be a doctor, a politician, an economist, a lawyer to be successful, to make money, to survive? Why does everyone need to say that I’m wasting my time every time I mention that I study English Literature? Apparently,  being classified as a writer means that you automatically become a member of the “useless” and “have no future” club. WHY.

Writers have the power to move mountains with written words. There’s power inside the line “shall I compare thee to a summer day”. There’s power in the lines of poets and writers. Why should I be called useless then when I say that I want to be a writer when there’s POWER in being one. Words are my suit and armor and I wear it with pride. I breathe, I exhale, I live for, I exist for, I am made out of, I believe in… Words. I should not be judged for it. Sure, everybody has a “voice”, an opinion; but the writer has a voice and uses it in a way to express himself without taking advantage of the power this voice has

Writers are NOT failures. They are powerful. And in a world full of power and power-hungry people, they are lost, afraid to admit they are writers themselves; afraid of being called a “failure”.

Fellow writers, don’t hide the power of your words within you. Use it and prove to the rest of the world that to write is an underestimated art. So, go ahead. Write; write and don’t stop until what you have to say is heard; write until your words transform into warmth that soothes people’s souls;

Never be afraid to do what you love.


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